Coordinated Health/Care™ Providers

Coordinated Health/Care produces a more efficient healthcare process by providing guidance and support to both patients and providers. With Coordinated Health/Care, a staff of customer service and clinical professionals known as "Care Coordinators" works to help patients follow their physicians plans-of-care and successfully navigate the complex, and often complicated healthcare process.
The Coordinated Health/Care provider website is a one-stop resource for your Coordinated Health/Care patients health plan information. By registering in "Create Account", or clicking here, you will have access to:
  • Submit online referral and pre-cert requests
  • Check status of submitted authorizations and print determination
  • Verify patient benefits and current eligibility
  • Verify claims status
After you have registered your account with us, selecting "Your Providers" allows you to manage which physicians’ authorizations and claims you would like access to. You may also continue to use the site as a guest, which allows you to verify eligibility and benefits, and submit online referrals and pre-certifications. You will not have access to claims lookup or authorization status.

For providers seeking BlueShield of California policies for Gymboree members click here